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Welcome to DNA Identifiers' Mobile & Clinical DNA, Paternity & Immigration Testing Services!

DNA and Paternity Testing... There sure is a lot of conflicting information available online and it can be difficult to sort it all out! Most people have common concerns and questions when researching a test, such as:

DNA Identifiers will help you with all of these questions and more! We will work very closely with you to provide you with the best results and service for your money. We care about people; people are our business. We realize that you have many questions and we can guide you in the best direction.

Why Invest in a DNA Identifiers Test?

When you call us, you will receive personalized, professional service. You will be assigned a representative who will assist you through the entire process from start to finish; if you ever have any questions, you can call us up day or night; we'll be here for you.

One of the many highlights of our service is that we will travel to you (or send you to a local clinic or draw site) if you are located in our mobile collection areas. We will meet you in the safe location of your choice, perhaps your home, in an unmarked vehicle. This type of mobile service will save you the collection fees that you will incur at a DNA or drug testing clinic or draw site. We are available days, nights and weekends and you will receive the utmost privacy and respect from our staff - your DNA information and results will NEVER be shared with a third or outside party. We will also work with young children (minors under 18 years of age) and, based on your needs, will work with you on the disclosure of information to the child. With your discretion we do not have to tell he child why we are testing them - we can say that we are testing for insurance purposes or testing for disease, etc. Tell us what you want us to tell the child and we will help you out!

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of our service!

Furthermore, when you choose a DNA Identifiers' Test you can be absolutely certain that you are receiving a first class, highly accredited (AABB +), genetic testing service from renowned laboratories (labs vary depending on location and service needs)that have been leaders in the genetic industry for almost two decades.
All parentage results are guaranteed as either 0 or 99.9%, or greater, and all legal tests are notarized. Plus, the level accuracy is over one million times greater than all state and federal standards!

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